Are quilt kits worth it?

Are quilt kits worth it?

Well, that depends.

Quilt kits are a popular choice for beginning, intermediate, and advanced quilters as kits offer a convenient way to create a beautiful quilt by saving steps in the creative process.

There are 4 main benefits of purchasing a quilt kit.

Coordinating fabrics. One of the main benefits of purchasing a quilt kit is that it comes with coordinating fabrics to make the exact quilt pictured in a photograph. This can be beneficial for a beginning quilter needing help with putting together coordinating quilt fabrics or an experienced quilter looking for a project to take on a retreat.

Quilt kits save time. Depending on the pattern you select, you might need to shop at multiple stores in order to find the exact fabrics you need. On one hand, visting quilt stores can be fun and exciting, on the other hand it can be exhausting trying to source fabrics. A lot of fabrics are seasonal and only printed once a year, so it becomes harder to find the fabrics after they have been released.

Minimum fabric waste. Not only do quilt kits come with coordinating fabrics, but they also include the exact amount of fabric to complete the project. This brings down the cost of quilting as you’re not paying for a large amount of extra fabric to complete your project. Another issue with purchasing fabric is that your pattern might call for fat eights, but most fabric stores don’t cut this length of fabric. This might mean you have to purchase a half or full yard, then cut it down, leaving the vast majority of the fabric unused.

Another advantage of quilt kit is that they can be customized to fit the quilter's preferences. Many quilt kits come in a variety of sizes, allowing quilters to choose the size that best fits their needs.

But there is one issue.


A new trend in the quilting industry is to make a pattern, put together coordinating fabrics, package it nicely, and then sell it for a premium.

It’s now common to see a quilt kit from a large brand, consisting of a pattern, and 7 yards of fabric now being sold for over $140. This comes out to $20 a yard for the same fabrics that might be sold in a store, by the yard, for $10 or $12. So, you’re now paying nearly twice as much for the same amount of fabric.

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