The Difference with a Ready to Sew Precut Quilt Kit

It’s Easy to Get Started With A Ready To Sew Precut Quilt Kit

Most beginner quilters start with very basic designs before moving onto the more complicated. With our precut quilt kits, anyone can handle machine piecing like a pro. Should you go precut or not? I encourage any brand-new quilter to start with a precut quilt kit, because it not only saves you money, but allows you to actually make something sooner, instead of spending time upfront on cutting and fabric selection.

With a ready to sew precut quilt kit, each fabric shape is cut with millimeter precision so they come together seamlessly. (Well, except for any seams you want to show off!) Our one-of-a-kind quilt cutting machine allows us to create patterns with an unrivaled attention to detail. That way, your quilt will come together exactly as you envision it, with just enough fabric for every block, every time.

It’s All in the Box

Each of our custom, ready-to-sew quilt kits comes with all the fabric you need for the quilt top and binding, so you just need to have your own backing, thread and batting. You’ll start out with our precision precut shapes, so you can get right to the sewing machine. We even give you free a few extra precision cut pieces just in case you need it, plus a detailed, easy-to-follow pattern guide.

It’s Easy to Finish

A precut quilt kit comes with a guide that lets you see where you’re going from the first stitch. We make it simple to make any size quilt you want, from baby-sized quilts to lap-sized to twin, queen and king.

It Prevents Headaches and Hand-aches

These days, my hands don’t need any extra stress and pressure. After enough snips, rotary cutters and scissors both wear me out. That’s why my precut quilt kits are truly ready to sew out of the box, so you can get straight to the magic of working with the machine and skip the decidedly non-magical task of endless cutting.

It’s Easier to Make Something Beautiful

Every quilt should be a discovery. The process of learning and growing as you work makes quilting so much more fulfilling. We make it easier to try something new, because you can trust you’ll have a great piece to show off when you’re finished.

Ready to get started? Me too!

Here are three fan-favorite precut quilt kits that take the best parts of machine piecing without too much complexity. They are simple, linear patterns that are easy to follow along with.

Recommended Quilt Kits


The Posey quilt is a great beginner quilt kit: simple, subtle and to the point. Add grace and elegance to your home with this beautiful quilt using soft blooming florals. Bring serenity to any room with these gorgeous prints.
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Ocean Waves

The Ocean Waves quilt is stunning beginner quilt made with mostly half-square triangles strategically placed. Made with only 3 different block arrangements. The perfect floral and ditsy prints come together to create a look of timeless beauty. With these rich hues of blues and greens, it is a perfect quilt to use anywhere in your home or to give as a cherished gift for someone special!
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The Radiance quilt is made with the perfect union of vibrant color. The bold colors and design will make this quilt stand out in any room of your home. Surprisingly easy to make and yields a bold statement showcasing large floral prints.
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