What does a quilt kit include?

In order to make a quilt, there are 5 items you’ll need: fabric, thread, batting, needle(s), and a pattern (of some sort).

So, what does a quilt kit include?

Well, that depends!

There are 3 main types of quilting: patchwork, applique, and hand piecing.

Patchwork quilting is the most popular type of quilting, following by applique, then hand piecing/sewing.

The contents of what is included within a quilt kit will depend on the type of quilting. In this article, we’ll focus on patchwork quilting kits.

In short, patchwork quilting consists of sewing together pieces of fabric with a sewing machine, based on a set of directions.

There are so many patchwork quilts kits to choose from, and each quilt kit comes with different items, but we’ll highlight the most common supplies below.

Quilt Fabric:
In order to make a quilt, you’ll definitely need fabric! There are 3 main areas of where fabric is needed: the quilt top, for binding/border, and backing.

Every quilt kit will come with fabric for the quilt top as that’s the main requirement to make a quilt. On the other hand, binding/borders and backing are quilt kit dependent. Some quilt kits will include binding, while others do not. This is why reading the product listing is very important – even if shows in the example quilt kit photo, a binding might NOT be included. Backing for quilt kits is rarely included, but most stores have preset backing choices that you can add to your cart that will be readily available.

You’ll need in order to sew the fabric pieces together. With that being said, few quilt kits include thread, and you usually select it at your quilt store separately. The best advice is to a neutral thread for you quilt as it will allow you see change the design of the quilt top.

Batting is the material that is ‘stuffed’ in between the quilt top and backing that you are sewing together. Quilt kits rarely include batting as it’s mostly selected after you sewn your quilt kit and is often sold by your long armer.

The type of needle you’ll need will depend on if quilting technique. Rarely, if ever, are needles included and you’re expected to purchase these separately.

Most quilt kits include a pattern, but you need to read the stores description in detail. Certain quilt kits might require you download the pattern separately, require you to purchase it separately on a pattern designers’ website, or the pattern might be found in a book which you will need to purchase separately. Reading the product description of the quilt kit to find if it is included or not is one of the critical aspects when it comes to purchasing a quilt kit.

In short, a quilt kit usually includes fabric for the quilt top and a pattern, with additional items such as thread, batting, and backing be sold separately.