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With colorful styles and fun patterns, our Quilt Kits are sure to add color to a bedroom, family room, or office. Choose from our wide selection of quilt kits from the selection below.

About Our Quilt Kits

Our quilt kits will add an artistic touch to any home thanks to their striking color combinations and geometric designs. Whether you're looking for a gift, quilt retreat project, or are looking for a unique element to dress up any space, we've got quilt kits for you.

How To Choose a Quilt Kit

Color: Our quilt kits come in a range of interesting color combinations. Try a quilt with an abstract pattern to make a statment in an otherwise neutral room. If you prefer something more subtle, a white quilt with cool metallic tones is versatile and stylish.

Pattern and Size: Select between baby, twin, lap, twin, queen, and king size quilt kits in various difficulty levels such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Whether you're looking for a complex project or a weekend project - we have quilt ktis for every quilter.

Pre Cut Quilt Kits

By far the Quilt Kit Co's most popular product collection is our Pre Cut Quilt Kits. All of our pre cut quilt kits come with precision cut fabric pieces for the quilt top and binding. In addition to fabric, you'll also receive an easy to read printed pattern guide that will help you get started as soon as you receive your order. Skip hours of rotary cutting and head straight to your sewing machine for your favorite part - sewing a masterpiece!

Quilt Kits For All Skill Levels:

The Quilt Kit Co has a range of patterns and colors that makes finding your next project a breeze. Shop Quilt Kits For Sale for a complete list of over 100 different quilt kits. Shop Quilt Kits For Beginners if you're looking for a weekend friendly project or if you're new to quilting.

In order to find the perfect quilt kit, make sure you search by color, size, and diffulty when you click on the web page below.

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