Our Story

We’re Your Partner in Quilting

After a long career as an architect and interior designer, plus 50 years of sewing wedding dresses, quilts and garments, I set out to start the company I wish I’d had there for me at the beginning of my creative journey. Now, five years later, I’ve been able to help thousands of quilters make beautiful creations of their own. And I’m just getting started. 

- Karen Tripp, Owner of the Quilt Kit Co

We take the guesswork out of needlework. 

Our customers love telling us how easy our ready-to-sew precut quilt kits are for beginners. Any quilter can pick up a kit and know they’ve got just what they need to get started sewing right away, including a pattern and fabric for the quilt top and binding. Everything on our site is designed to be easy for a new quilter – and refreshingly hassle-free for an experienced crafter.

But we still give you room to be creative. 

Quilting is your chance to make something all your own. At our QHQ (Quilt Headquarters) here in San Francisco, we hand-select fabrics to make sure they come together beautifully. Then, we cut them with millimeter precision into precut quilt kits so you can create to your heart’s content. It’s your quilt, so make it yours!

All fab, no drab.

If you can’t tell yet, we’re into color, big time. We make sure every quilt kit includes nothing but fabric and patterns that we love, with each motif perfectly sized so your finished quilt is bursting with color and character. And to make our colors really pop, we screenprint all of our fabrics, resulting in richer, fade-resistant colors. 

We’re in this together. 

Beautiful quilt kits come together one stitch at at time. Each small stitch is part of something larger, and we believe every quilter is part of a larger community, too.

    Ready for your next project? We’re here for you, every step of the way.